Updated Schedule 4/19/23 

It's time to learn Salsa!
Every Monday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm 
A great way to start your journey into Latin dance!

mondays            7:30-9:30

 Updated 12/19/23


Dominican footwork, leading and following techniques, Sensual Bachata, manipulating body movements, and turn patterns

sundays              7:30-9:30

private lessons

New 6 Week Salsa Intensive starts Jan 7,2024!!
This course is the fastest way to Learn salsa as a beginner!! Space is limitedCall for more info. Students learn to ground their fundamentals to the classic rhythms of Salsa, using the music to direct their styling. Technique drills lead students to increase the clarity of their lead and responsiveness of their follow.​

Registration is required for this class.

 Salsa And Bachata Classes in Dallas

Group classes are a fun and easy way to learn how to dance and make new friends! All classes are two hours long. The first hour is spent doing footwork in front of the mirror. The last hour of class is for partnerwork. Do you need a partner? NO! There is NO PARTNER NECCESSARY!  During the second hour of class we set up a rotation so everyone has the chance to dance with each other! This is very useful in helping you strengthen your lead or follow by making you adapt to your partner.

Experience Bachata & Salsa Dance Instruction with some of the best Latin Dance Classes in Dallas!!

Private lessons are a great way to learn quickly especially if you stack them on top of group classes! They allow me to focus on the finer details of what you need to be a great dancer! Call me to set one up at 469-335-2405. Spots are limited!

tuesdays                   7:30-9:30

The schedule for group classes is listed below. Each class is open for ALL levels of dancers as I start from right foot left foot and progress upward throughout the class. As well as expand on your Ballroom Dancing Lessons!

Classes are $30 or you can buy a 5 class package for $120. Thats 10 hours for only $120!!! I dare you to find a better deal in Dallas! Packages may be used in any order and expire after 6 weeks. Any unused classes will be forfeited. However, I understand that life happens, so if you let me know ahead of time I will extend extra time to use your classes!

You can pay when you come to class or pay with Zelle 469-335-2405 Ja Cockerham